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A few of the services we offer

Analyze current skill levels & needs

By interviewing the management and all members in the Product Management team, we make an analysis on the current skill levels, the needs and our recommendations.

Set product vision and strategy

Efficiency, impact and speed is at it's maximum with a clear Product vision and strategy. We can help to set these for your company.

Agile advice

Are you struggling with the setup of your team? Doubting if the roadmap is set up in the best way? Wondering if current processes help move forward or slow you down instead? We can help you organize this in the most efficient and impactful way for your company.

What's described in a book, isn't always best for YOUR company

At a lot of companies, people try and set up processes and teams based on what they've read or heard. This doesn't always work, as every company and every product is different and has its own unique challenges. We tailor everything to the people, the product, and the company.

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